CCProxy 8.0 Crack with Serial Number Plus Key Full Version Download

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 CCProxy 8.0 Crack with Serial Number Plus Key Full version Download

CCProxy 8.0 Crack & Serial Number is the proxy tool that helps you to open the closed sites, which are not supported in your country. If sites are giving an error or not opening then use this proxy and open them and get data you want. You can download data from these sites without any difficulty.

CCProxy 8.0 Crack with Serial Number Plus Key Full Version Download

CCProxy 8.0 Crack Free Download is anything but difficult to utilize and capable intermediary server. CCProxy can bolster broadband, DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN and DDN associations, it helps you manufacture your own particular intermediary server and share Internet association inside the LAN proficiently and effortlessly.

CC Proxy Server can go about as an HTTP, mail, FTP, SOCKS, news, telnet and HTTPS intermediary server. It highlights intense record administration capacities, including the Internet, get to control, data transfer capacity control, Internet web separating, content shifting, and time control. It likewise gives web reserving, online get to checking, get to logging and data transfer capacity use insights capacities.

As a Window intermediary server, CCProxy is perfect with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Vista. Many individuals utilize CCProxy for Windows Internet sharing, for example, Windows XP Internet sharing, Win 7 Internet sharing et cetera.

CCProxy can go about as web intermediary programming, which empowers you to peruse website pages, download records and send and get messages by means of web programs, for example, IE, Chrome, Firefox and so forth. The web reserving capacity of web intermediary server can build the Internet surfing speed.

CCProxy gives intense administration capacities including a few approaches to control the Internet access on the LAN. They are IP address, IP run, MAC address, User Name/Password, and gathering. It can likewise converge with Windows Active Directory. Starting at now, CCProxy is a standout amongst the most well-known Windows intermediary servers.

CCProxy 8.0 Crack with Serial Number Plus Key Full Version Download

CCProxy of Key Features:

  • To share Internet connection on a LAN. Some small businesses and families have multiple computers but with only one Internet connection, they can share the Internet connection for other computers on the LAN with a proxy server.
  • To speed up Internet surfing. All requests from client computers will reach the proxy server at first, if the proxy server has cached the required resources on its local hard disk before with the web cache function, clients will get feedback directly from the proxy server, it will be more quickly than direct accessing.
  • To hide the IP address of the client computer so that it can surf anonymous, this is mostly for security reasons. A proxy server can act as an intermediary between the user’s computer and the Internet to prevent from attack and unexpected access.
  • To implement Internet access control like authentication for Internet connection, bandwidth control, online time control, Internet web filter and content filter etc.
  • To bypass security restrictions and filters. For example, many work offices have blocked facebook and myspace, however, via a proxy server you will be able to access blocked websites easily.
  • To scan outbound content, e.g., for data leak protection.
  • To circumvent regional restrictions. For example, a server using IP-based geolocation to restrict its service to a certain country can be accessed using a proxy located in that country to access the service

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CCProxy 8.0 Crack with Serial Number Plus Key Full Version Download

System requirements:

Windows 98 SE: [Windows 98 Second Edition, Win98 SE, Win 98 SE, Window 98]

Windows ME: [Windows Millennium Edition, Windows Me, Win ME, WinME, Window ME]

Windows 2000 (Server, Advanced Server, Professional): [Win2K, Win2000, Window 2000]

Windows NT: [Window NT, WinNT, SP4]

Windows XP: [Window XP, WinXP, Win XP, SP1, SP2, SP3]

Windows 2003: [Window 2003, Win2003, Win 2003, Win2K3]

Windows Vista: [Window Vista, Win Vista, Vista, SP1]

Windows 7: [Window 7, Win 7, Win7]

Windows 2008:[Window 2008, Win2008, 2008, Win2008 R2]

How to Install:

  1. Just download it first from Here or from Official Site!
  2. After this run, the setup present on your desktop
  3. Wait for some time until it installs on your PC.
  4. Done, now use it and enjoy to use CCProxy 8.0 Full Version free.

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CCProxy 8.0 Crack with Serial Number Plus Key Full Version Download